Summer Fun English Pack

If you are looking for creative ways to keep your students engaged with English this summer, this timetable is for you.

Firstly I have found this timetable on website and edited some of the activities according to my students' needs and level. You can check the original idea and document here and here. I have combined those two activities into one for my kids. You can also do the same with a simple pdf editor.

Here are the preview from the activites:
There are ten activities on five days and the kid will choose which one to do. To make this easy to follow for the parents is crossing the activity they did. You need to give the kids and parents a good guide how to follow this summer activity. For this, write an introduction page and a guide in local language and add it to this summer handout.

This is another creative activity in the pack. I hope you like the idea and if you have anything to add, please don't hesitate and comment below.

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